The GraySportsGuy wants to take a break from the whole ‘sports’ thing and dabble in concert critique! I understand if you (Mr/Mrs. Reader) don’t really care about my concert review. But I recently went to my first big-time concert and felt the need to share my thoughts and opinions with cyber space. So, if you are looking for banter about the MLB Pennant Races, Johnny Manziel, A-Rod, Ryan Braun, or any other sports topic please look elsewhere. Tonight the theme is music!

Bruno Mars is a 27 year old Hawaiian recording artist who specializes in pop, funk, reggae, soul, and R&B music.  He debuted in 2010 with hit single ‘Nothin’ On You’ featuring B.O.B. Ever since then Mars has delivered six top 10 singles, sold 12 million albums, and has over 1 billion youtube views on his music videos. He has also accrued a net worth around the $15 million range.

I am a pretty big fan of Bruno’s, so when my buddy Keegan had the idea that me and him could go to a concert this summer it was a no-brainer. $250 got us 10 rows back from the stage and that is where the fun began.

Mars was dazzling live. His pure vocal talent is through the roof. I would argue that his strong, fluid bravado is more impressive live than it is on the radio. Considering the auto-tuned nature of today’s music this is particularly impressive. He rocked a red jump suit with a little bit of chest revealed… just for the ladies. He brought along his funky band of musical hooligans who joined in the fun and genuinely complimented his act. I loved how the performance wasn’t geared around fireworks, jumbo-trons, and choreographed dance moves. The show was a tribute to Mars’ talents as a vocalist first and foremost and that aspect was truly satisfying. Even when Bruno was just chatting with his audience of over 15,000 at the TD Garden in Boston, the crowd applauded after every sentence. He could have cursed everyone in the crowd with some sort of gyspsy spell and the teenage girls would have loved it. Bruno was every bit as awesome as I expected him to be. He even took a turn on the guitar and the drums. The ticket was worth every penny.

Grade: 98/100