Due to the immense hype leading up to this game, I found it fitting to do my first ever live running diary during the game. Whenever I find something noteworthy to talk about, I’ll jot it down. Hopefully my thoughts translate well on paper and aren’t an incoherent mess. Here we go!

9:30 left in first- Tebow scrambles 9 yards to pay dirt. Not a good start for Patriots defense. Extra point goes wide left. 6-0 DEN.

7:24 left in the first- Tom Brady chucks a deep bomb to… Chad Ochocinco! Even though he hasn’t been impressive this year (13 catches, 228 yards on the year), that was a nice pitch and catch. Denver cornerback absolutely fooled on that route. 7-6 Patriots.

6:40 left in first- Willis McGahee tools on the Patriots defense for a big gain. Everyone has been talking about Tim Tebow, and rightfully so, but Willis McGahee has quietly had a resurgent year. He’s on pace for over 1,000 yards.

5:01 left in first- Touchdown, Broncos. As a Patriots fan, this makes me sick. Four play drive tat included two 20+ yard runs and a completed pass by Tebow. Yuck.

5:00 left in first- McGahee being stretched out on the sideline. Did I jinx him?! I may or may not have stuck 14 needles in a McGahee voodoo doll. I’m not telling.

4:16 left in first- Killer defensive holding penalty gives Patriots unearned first down. Broncos D looking great out there, flying around and making tackles. Gulp. Brady starts 2-6. Zoltan Mesko on to punt.

50 seconds left in first- Broncos offensive line paves the way for Tebow – 19 yards on third down for Denver. That will wrap up the first quarter. Andre Carter, one of the few bright spots for the Patriots (10 sacks), is down.

Early second quarter- Patriots decline holding penalty due to advice given by Mr. Announcer. John Fox will NOT go for it on fourth and short unless he absolutely has to. Field goal by Prater is good. 16-7 DEN. On a side note, Prater has been the best kicker in the NFL since Week 9. In warm ups today he hit a 63 yarder. We may see more of him. Stay tuned.

12:35 left in second quarter- If Danny Woodhead is taller than 5’6 and weighs more than 140 pounds, I’m a Puerto Rican spell caster. The dude is diminutive. Right on que, Danny hauls in an 8 yard reception.

9:18 left in second quarter- Touchdown. Brady to Welker. Or not. The play was reviewed, Welker was touched on the one yard line. I like the “every touchdown is reviewed” rule. Makes sense. No worries for New England, though, as Brady hooks up with second year TE Aaron Hernandez for a TD. 16-14 DEN.

8:31 left in second- Lance Ball coughs up the ball and it’s recovered by Rob Ninkovich! Broncos can’t give Tommy more possessions if they plan on pulling off the upset. Touchdown! Brady to Hernandez… but wait, it’s ruled incomplete. 4th down. The instant replay shows Hernandez caught the ball but Belichick is prudent with his challenges. New England settles for a field goal. 17-16 NE.

4:32 left in second- Tebow fumbles. Patriots ball. Rut row! Oh wait, I forgot. This was supposed to happen. The Broncos are the leagues worst statistical team during second quarters.

2:00 left in second- Big fourth down conversion by Brady. Although Rob Gronkowski gets most of the love in New England, Aaron Hernandez is one of the teams best skill position players. He already has 6 catches for 83 yards and a touchdown. He’s shifty in space and runs really good routes. Love the kid. Fun fact- he smoked a lot of weed in college, so that’s why he fell to the fourth round of the 2010 NFL draft. Also he was a teammate to Tebow at Florida. Meanwhile, Tom Brady QB sneaks for a touchdown and steals Gronk’s thunderous TD spike. I love it! 24-16 Patriots.

0:03 left in second quarter- Muffed punt return by Denver! New England ball! That dude for Denver should have never fielded that ball! Pats kick a field goal. 13 unanswered points off turnovers for New England. Oh, wait, I forgot. It’s almost Tebow time.

11:03 left in the third- Patriots Rookie Stevan Ridley looks good. Hard runner, decent vision, excellent balance. Bull dozes his way to a New England first down. Could be the incumbent to the Benjarvus Green-Ellis RB throne.

10:15- Quinton Carter sacks Brady at midfield. Pats will be forced to punt. Can you feel it? Tebow time is coming. It isn’t here yet, but it’s on its way. As the great Phil Collins would say, “I can feel it comin’ in the air tonight”.

Watching a really cheesy advertisement with pink, bearded elves singing and dancing. It’s a cell phone commercial. Go figure.

4:00 left in third- Yawn. #waitingfortebowtime

Start of the fourth- TEBOW TIMEEEEEEEEEE!

14:21 left in 4th- Tebow niftily evades a safety and hucks it incomplete. Broncos forced to punt.

12:00 left in the 4th- Elvis Dumervil just lifted Brady off the ground with a blindside hit. Ouch. Bronco ball.

11:12 left in 4th- Tebow completes to Thomas. He’s 8 of 13 for 106 yards thus far. Conservative, but certainly not bad.

9:30 left in 4th- TEBOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Two 35+ yard completions by Tebow lead to a Bronco first and goal.

9:30- Wait, did I forget to say it? TEBOWWWWWWWWWWW!

9:30- Alright, the Broncos are still down 18. But still…

8:41- QB keeper up the middle, touchdown Broncos. Tebow has 10 carries for 58 yards and two touchdown on the day. 34-23 NE. Can you feel it?

4:14 Green-Ellis trucks his way into the endzone on third and goal. Pats take a commanding 41-23 lead. That puts the game out of reach.

0:00- Game over.

Random, unorganized thoughts:

Tebow final stat line: 11-22, 194 yards, 12 carries, 93 yards, two touchdowns

Tebow had a direct hand in 287 of the teams 393 total offensive yardage. That’s 73%!

Player of the game has to be Brady- 23 completions, 320 yards, two touchdowns, one rushing touchdown.

Wow. I just pulled that off. Like it? Dislike it? Let me know in the comments section below!