Good mornin’, folks!

After some breakfast, two re-runs of Sportscenter, and a hot shower, I found myself in a predicament.

What am I going to do for the rest of the day?

I decided that I would reach into my inner gypsy (c’mon, we all have inner gypsies) and make a few predictions prevalent to the sports world! So, if you could, follow along for the first ever GraySportsGuy predictions blog!

The Heisman

Doesn’t this just feel like Andrew Luck’s award to lose? I mean, I think Robert Griffin III had a brilliant year, but I think he hit the national scene a little too late. Montee Ball had a historically good knack for finding pay dirt, but I don’t think he’s got the resume to match that of Trent Richardson: the ‘Bama back who rushed for 100+ yards in 9 games this year. I’m not a huge fan of running backs winning the Heisman. The offensive line is 80% of a teams run game. The difference between a B+ running back and an A- one? The big dudes on the line of scrimmage. Reggie Bush or Mark Ingram, anyone? And, bless his heart, the speedy Tyrann Mathieu can’t win the award simply because he plays cornerback. My pick? Andrew Luck.

Where Chris Paul will land

So, the NBA squashed the first attempt to send Chris Paul to Hollywood. As a diehard Lakers fan, it felt like waking up from a pleasant dream (CP3 +  Kobe) but realizing that I had wet the bed. We all know what happened next- the media began to personify David Stern as the Devil’s reincarnation and everybody and their brother sang the same tune: “That’s not fair! How can David Stern do that?!” The irony? I can’t picture a scenario in which New Orleans gets a better deal than Odom, Scola, Martin, Dragic, and a first round pick. Whatever. Rumor has it that Houston, Los Angeles, and New Orleans are persisting and trying to get a deal done. I believe they can do it. Too much pressure on Stern.

Where Dwight Howard will land

Don’t you love randomly speculating on where players could or could not go? It’s like playing pin the tail on the donkey in the dark. Nobody knows if you are close or not. That being said, I’m gonna give it a try! I don’t see Dwight Howard in a Nets uniform (BUT how cool would it be next year with Deron Williams throwing lobs to D12 with ‘Brooklyn’ on their chests?) If Howard doesn’t stay, I think he will make his way to the Los Angeles Lakers. Hooray for Superteams!

Who will be the 2011-2012 Fantasy Basketball MVP? 

LeBron James. Just watch. He’s due for a berserk year. In a recent interview for ESPN, James said he was tired of being the villain and wanted to start playing for fun again. LeBron was a two time NBA scoring leader and MVP ‘having fun’ in Cleveland. Expect more of the same this year. Don’t be surprised if he drops 30-8-8. I’m not kidding.

Will Kentucky finish the season ranked #1? 

No. If you follow college basketball, you understand that its a tall task to go a whole season at #1. The task becomes even steeper if you start three freshmen and two sophomores. I think the Wildcats will drop a couple of games and make way for Ohio State to claim the #1 spot. Soon.

Who will be rookie of the year in 2011-2012? 

Derrick Williams will post 15-8 for the Minnesota Timberwolves in a Kevin Garnett-ish role. Knock down some jumpers. Make a couple athletic plays. Grab some boards. Learn on the fly. I think Irving will play well in Cleveland, but not quite as well as the former Arizona Wildcat. Also look for Jimmer Fredette to earn some votes. I’m kidding, I think.

Will the Packers go undefeated? 

Yes. Their best chance to lose was last week against the Giants. I don’t think they will have any further hiccups this year. Of course, as a diehard Patriots fan, I am going to poke countless needles into an Aaron Rodgers voodoo doll between now and Christmas, but that’s just me. If Rodgers goes down with a mysterious back injury, I’ll probably lay low for awhile.

Well, that’s it for my predictions! Did you like it? Dislike it? Leave a comment below! As always,

peace out!