Disclaimer: Well known fantasy expert Matthew Berry once wrote a column about how some of the most annoying people are those who whine and complain about their fantasy teams. If you find that true, then please disregard this column. If not, and you are interested in my woes, then read on. If you choose to share in my pity, I would be welcome to hear your story in the comments below. Thanks.

I consider myself an avid football fan. I watch 9 hours of football every Sunday, never miss out on Monday Night Football, and countdown the weeks until I get to watch games on Thursday. I read columns on ESPN. I watch talk shows about teams and players. I am caught up with injury updates and crucial roster decisions. I’m going to be a three year varsity football starter at MDI high school. I can imagine myself becoming a football coach when I am older.

And yet my fantasy team is 5-6. A team solely made up of players that I drafted, and picked up on waivers, and traded for, etc… is in 6th place in a ten team league.

Oh yeah, I’m also the commissioner. How embarrassing is that? In a league compiled of some of my high school buddies (some of whom couldn’t hold my jock in a football related conversation) five teams are better than mine. I made the league rules. I set the scoring system.

So how did this tragedy come about? Let me give you a recap of my roller coaster season.

I started off the year 4-1. My buddy Max’s team, who he thought was loaded with talent (Ray Rice, Darren McFadden, Tony Romo, Larry Fitzgerald) fell to my squad. I was soaring high. My team had the most wins and the most points accumulated.

Seas got rough around bye week time. I had trouble finding stability at the tight end position, as Dallas Clark had clearly failed me. I spent most of my time adding and dropping players from the waiver wire like it was nobodies business – I flirted with Mike Williams, James Starks, Michael Crabtree, and Brandon Jacobs. Chris Ogbonnaya got a spot start. So did Jared Cook. And Leonard Pope. And Jacob Tamme. And Lance Kendricks. And Dustin Keller. I don’t have a particular defense, I play match ups week in and week out. I’ve seen the Jaguars, the Browns, the Vikings, the Giants… you name it. The bye weeks hit me hard. Cam Newton and Calvin Johnson had the same bye week. So did Hakeem Nicks and Ahmad Bradshaw. I fell to an injury bug that took Ryan Matthews from me for a week, as well as Bradshaw and Nicks. I’ve seen inconsistencies from Starks, Matthews, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, even Calvin Johnson has had a couple of off weeks (for him).

I have made crucial roster errors. I sat Larry Fitzgerald (whom I traded for Andre Johnson after his hamstring injury- that was a good move) on his biggest fantasy day of the year. I have played Santonio Holmes on his bad weeks and missed out on his touchdowns. I have swung and missed on defenses, and swung and missed on multiple tight ends. Those are all my fault- not the fault of fate.

I spend weeks looking at my players projections, being optimistic, and subsequently being let down. I believe in my players, but they have lost me 4 of my last five games.

If the fantasy football lords are with me, they will grant me a much needed Thanksgiving day victory and lead me to fantasy prominence…

Yeah. Let’s hope so.