How are things, everybody? I apologize for my extended absence from the blogging world, as I have been very busy on a family vacation! I ventured all the way to Miami, Florida this past week with my parents and little sister. We went to Sea World, the Everglades, Disney World, Miami Beach, and a Miami Dolphins football game! Yeah, you will never see more Brandon Marshall jerseys than at  Sun Life Stadium. The men in orange and turquoise upended Mike Shanahan and the enigmatic Redskins 20-9, so all was well.

The sporting world is heating up, to say the least! College basketball, which is doing it’s best “NBA” impression right now, is well under way. Although it is wayyyy too early to make predictions, I like Kentucky’s chances of going the distance. Call me crazy, but when you pair the #1 recruiting class with John Calipari, it is usually a formula for success. With no proffessional season in the near future, I will most likely be blogging about the antics of Harrison Barnes, Austin Rivers, and Jared Sullinger this year.

College Football has reached it’s pinnacle, I’d say. We are officially in “who the ____ should be in the BCS title game” mode. Ah, I love that mode. Oklahoma State lost to Iowa State last night, so now nobody knows who the #2 team in the country should be. We knew this was going to be a cluster-you-know-what, just like it is every year.

Speaking of college football, I’m watching #16 Nebraska take on #18 Michigan and all I can say is…. gross. No way is Denard Robinson an NFL Quarterback. How is he a Division 1 college signal caller? Brady Hoke is either crazy or sees something in him that I do not. He completes passes to his receivers 52% of the time. Is it even worth passing the football anymore?

Moving on, I wanted to discuss someone who has been getting a lot of publicity this year, mostly because of the injury to Peyton Manning. That’s right, I wanna talk about Andrew Luck.

NFL talking heads, scouts, and other personnel drool over Luck for several reasons, including his powerful, accurate arm and his brilliant mind (he’s an architectural engineering major at Stanford). But the top reason that he will be the number one pick in the NFL draft? He looks the part. He’s built like Ben Roethlisberger – 6’4 and 235 pounds. At Stanford, he takes the majority of his snaps under center (in other words, he works in a “pro style” offense.) He has good mechanics, regardless of what he does with the ball, scouts like that it looks good when he tosses it up.

I think Luck is overrated. Chris Collinsworth said something the other day that rang true to me: Luck doesn’t need to make big plays for Stanford. He’s not making back shoulder throws on corner routes to save a drive on fourth and eight. His offensive line is amongst the best in the country. The team runs the ball very effectively. His job is fairly easy. His job is to hand the ball off, throw a play-action pass to a tight end, or sit in a comfy pocket and throw slant routes and short ins for his talented receiving corps. It makes sense for the Colts to take him #1, because he would be working under the tutelage of Peyton Manning. But what about the Vikings? Rams? Panthers? Dolphins? It doesn’t make sense for any of these teams to take him because A) they already have young QB’s or B) they don’t have anyone to mentor Luck into the stud he could be. Rumor has it that somebody is going to offer the #1 pick holder three first round picks for him. Nobody is worth that much. Not even Andrew Luck.

Disagree? Agree? Leave a comment below! P.S- I need a victory this week in fantasy football. It’s important in ensuring my spot as a top team for the playoffs!