Howdy y’all,

Quick question: What do Ryan Matthews, Ahmad Bradshaw, Hakeem Nicks, Cam Newton, and Calvin Johnson all have in common?

A) They all play for Graysportsguy’s fantasy football team and were all inactive for one reason or another this week, therefore crippling his chances of victory.

B) They all double as superheroes and/or supervillains.

C) They all read classic poetry.

If you answered A, you are right on the money. Five of my top six scorers in fantasy football were not available this week. My lineup this week was not exactly potent and  I am currently losing going into Monday Night Football hoping that Brent Celek outscores Mike Vick. Gulp.

This is how bad my week was: Chris Ogbonnaya made a cameo appearance in my lineup. I was relying on Reggie Wayne and James Starks to have big games. Alas, I am probably not going to win this week.

I successfully caught the injury bug. I don’t know why, maybe I did not eat my vegetables or something.

Hopefully all of you guys remain healthy! Thanks.