How hot is Calvin Johnson right now? Scalding. White hot. Volcanic. He’s hotter than Megan Fox in the movie Transformers. And let me tell you something, Megan Fox was hot.

I have the pleasure of having Calvin Johnson on my Fantasy Football team, and lemme tell you somethin’: It’s enjoyable. In my league (which rewards slightly more points for receptions and 100 yard games than ESPN standard leagues) here is his weekly point production:

Week one:  21.5 points

Week two: 14.8 points

Week three: 27.8 points

Week four: 23 points

Week five: 28.3 points

Week six: 16.8 points

Week seven: 26.3 points

Week eight: 27.5 points

Yeah… he’s a stud. He is so good that I keep getting ridiculous trade offers from my buddy Max (usually to the tune of Dwayne Bowe + Jason Witten for CJ81… bleh!)

I wanted to point this out because Calvin Johnson is on pace for a pretty big year, if he continues at this rate, his 16 game stat line will look like this:

94 catches, 1608 yards, 22 touchdowns

Not too shabby, eh? Many people consider Randy Moss’ ’07 season and Jerry Rice’ ’95  season as the two best in NFL history. Check it out:

’07 Randy- 98 catches, 1493 yards, 23 touchdowns

’95 Rice- 122 catches, 1848 yards, 15 touchdowns

’11 Megatron- 94 catches, 1608 yards, 22 touchdowns

You see, Mr. 81 stacks up favorably with both those seasons. He may, in fact, break the NFL all time single season touchdown mark. He has built up an impressive rapport with QB Matt Stafford and the two have perfected three routes, the go route, the deep hitch (DBs always fall for that because they don’t wanna get burnt), and the goal line fade (he explains it here

I remember watching Randy Moss and Tom Brady in 2007 and thinking “goodness gracious, how could any corner back stop this?” Moss had a second gear that he reached that no other athlete could approach. He ran under balls that nobody else in the NFL had business being under. I legitimately felt like every deep pass thrown by Brady would be completed for six points. This season, it’s more of the same with Calvin Johnson. When Stafford hucks ‘er deep, I feel confident that #81 will grab it, and when Stafford lobs a pop fly in the end zone  I just know Calvin will out-athlete the defender. It’s a special feeling that not every fan is fortunate enough to feel.

The Lions have sort of been the feel happy team in the NFL this year. In no small part to the contributions made by Megatron.