Good evening, sports fans! I decided that this cozy Sunday night was the perfect chance to catch up on my blog. Today I have watched two entire football games- the Pats vs. the Steelers, and the Cardinals vs. the Ravens- as well as bits and pieces of the Giants game. I had invested interest in the Cardinals game, seeing as Larry Fitzgerald is on my (currently 1st place) fantasy team.

To my horror, Fitzgerald was targeted a meager four times and caught three balls on the day. Although he did rack up 98 yards, 66 of them were on a single reception in the first quarter.  The Cardinals blew an early lead and eventually lost 30-27.

The Cardinals are 1-6 and have pretty much limped through the season thus far. Fitzgerald, often considered possibly the most talented receiver in football (and who recently signed an enormous contract) is on pace for his worst season as a pro, excluding his rookie year. At this rate, he will collect bout 74 catches for 1100 yards and 4 or 5 touchdowns. The same man who grabbed 100 balls for 1400 and 10 scores with Kurt Warner at the helm is now drifting into sub-super stardom. How can this be?

I put the blame on Kevin Kolb. It’s his job to put the ball into his receivers hands, and so far he has not done a great job at that. Fitzgerald has 52 targets on the year (about 7 per game) and only 31 receptions. Twenty two receivers have more targets than he does! That means that hes only catching one of every two passes tossed in his direction. Kolb is only completing 57% of his passes overall. That number needs to improve. For the good of the Cardinals (and more importantly, my fantasy team) Fitzgerald should be getting targeted ten or more times per game. Kolb is better than Max Hall and Derek Anderson, but it’s close. Fitzgerald hauled in 90 passes last year. He will need to have a productive second half of the season to match that.