Good morning, ladies and gentleman! I feel like it has been awhile since I posted to my blog. I’m sure it has left my loyal fraternity of readers feeling betrayed and confused. Worry not, for I am back.

Last week, I stormed back for a clutch victory in my fantasy football league. I was down 15 points heading into Monday Nights game. I needed Ahmad Bradshaw and the Giants D/ST to come up big. Bradshaw rushed 15 times for 59 yards, and the Giants D/ST recovered two fumbles and one for a touchdown. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. I am now 1-1 on the season.

I had a good week of picks, going 10-6 to make my seasonal record a sharp 19-13. Let’s see if we can add to that number this weekend!

So, without further ado- my thoughts on the NFL tight end position and my week three NFL picks! Bon appetite!


The New England Patriots have always believed that the tight end is a valuable asset to a successful offensive attack. Heck, Benjamin Watson looked like a serviceable tight end in his tenure with the Pats. As all of you know, tight ends are hybrid lineman-receivers who often cause match-up problems for the defense. Think about it, how are you going to guard a 6’6, 265 pound behemoth with a 35 inch vertical, can bench press 300 pounds, runs through arm tackles, and has charmin-soft hands? Oftentimes a linebacker is matched up against the tight end – a win for the offense. If I’m Philip Rivers and I see James Harrison chasing around Antonio Gates, I’m giddy. Linebackers want to fill gaps and make hard hits, they want absolutely no part of man coverage.

What about when a 5’10, 195 pound speedster lines up against the tight end? Game over. The tight end is too big and strong and can jump too high for a CB to even dream of covering him.

Tight ends love to block, as well. These men are so big and athletic, they can succesfully block down lineman, blitzing linebackers, and charging safeties. With two tight ends on the field, the strategy employed by the Patriots, it is impossible for the defense to predict what’s coming.

So why don’t we see more tight ends going early in drafts? Clearly they are key to a fluid, unpredictable, explosive offense. The Pats have Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, the Chargers Antonio Gates, the Cowboys Jason Witten, the Texans Owen Daniels, the Colts (with Peyton Manning, of course) have Dallas Clark. Surprisingly, the last time a tight end was taken in the first round is 2006. That’s five years without one being taken in the top 32 picks. I dunno, but I feel like it doesn’t hurt to stock up on athletic freaks, play-action bravados, and red zone monsters.

Just a thought.



New England @ Buffalo -The Brady Bunch doesn’t skip a beat. 35-24 NE

San Francisco @ Cincinnati -The Bengals offense clicks, Dalton-Green erupts. 21-15 CIN

Miami @ Cleveland – Colt McCoy improves on his solid week two performance, 24-17 CLE

Denver @ Tennessee -The Titans looked great against the Ravens in week two, stomp Denver. 27-17 TEN

Detroit @ Minnesota – Too much Suh for the Vikings O-line. McNabb eats turf all day. 30-17 MIN

Houston @ New Orleans – Drew Brees takes advantage of a mediocre Texans secondary, 34-26 NO

New York Giants @ Philadelphia -Mike Vick struggles, but squeaks out a win against the G-men. 21-17 PHI

Jacksonville @ Carolina -Cam Newton got the start for my fantasy team over Matt Ryan. Prediction? Newton throws for 400 yards, two touchdowns, and no picks. Uhhh, yeah. 24-14 CAR

New York Jets @ Oakland – Darren McFadden looks good, but not good enough. 19-16 NYJ

Baltimore @ St. Louis – The Ravens need a whipping boy (remember Pittsburgh last week?). Enter St. Louis. 35-12 BAL

Kansas City @ San Diego- Could Kansas City really go 3-13? It’s not unrealistic. 30-23 SD

Green Bay @ Chicago -This game will be close, but in the end Aaron Rodgers > Jay Culter. 38-36 GB

Arizona @ Seattle -Both of these teams are terrible. But I’m rooting against Fizgerald (fantasy football, of course.) So I’m going with 25-19 SEA

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay -The Bucs just don’t look like they are surprising anyone this season. 21-20 ATL

Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis -Peyton Manning should…. wait. Never mind. 30-10 PITT

Washington @ Dallas – Tim Hightower will eventually do SOMETHING with all of those carries. 23-18 WAS