Hey readers, what a weekend! I spent nine hours watching NFL football on my couch this Sunday afternoon, and I do not regret it one bit. In case people were wondering, I watched the Ravens pound the Steelers, Philly out-talent the Rams, the Jets fight back to beat the Cowboys late, the Patriots-Dolphins defensive atrocity, and bits and pieces of every other game. For the record, I lost this week in fantasy because of Knowshon Moreno. All he needed to do was have a serviceable 10-15 point day. He could have had 15 carries for 65 yards, a touchdown, and one reception, and I would have won. Instead? He laid an egg. So, yes, I’m bitter. In my NFL Week One predictions I went 9-7. So, I didn’t set the world on fire, but I may have snagged a wild card birth.

Now, onto my main idea. Do you know how many QBs tossed for over 300 yards this week? Fourteen. That’s 43% of the starting QBs. Twelve signal callers had passer rating over 100. Fourteen guys completed at least 65% of their passes. Wanna know how many running backs rushed for 100+ yards? Seven, including Michael Turner who had exactly 100.

The NFL is shifting to an era in which a good running game will be marginal, at best. This actually makes sense, the more that you think about it. Running backs collide ferociously with the likes of uber athletic linebackers, defensive lineman that weigh in excess of 320 pounds, and relentless, hard hitting safeties. Why would you try to stuff the ball into the most congested area of the field when you can simply have your 6’5″, cannon armed QB fire lasers to wide-outs who run 4.4 forty yard dashes? Exactly.

So what does it all mean? Someone is going to throw for 5,000 yards this year. Guys who normally throw 3,500 are gonna throw 4,200. The MVP award is going to become a Quarterback award. Superbowls will be won and lost not with stout defense, an efficient clock eating running game, and solid special teams, but with the passing game. Wide Receivers and Defensive Backs will be at a premium.

My last prediction? Adrian Gonzalez was going to win AL MVP. In hindsight? Foolish. Maybe this week Knowshon Moreno will run all over the Bengals. Who knows? Just remember this: Rex Grossman has 305 passing yards and a 110 passer rating.

Consider yourself warned.