Let’s take a trip to San Francisco, shall we? Let’s say you’re Jim Harbaugh. It’s December, and your squad is 2-10. What do you start to do? The consensus opinion of all the “football experts” is that a tremendous tankapalooza will commence. Teams who are clearly not in the playoff hunt are going to fight for… last place. The prize for losing the most football games? Stanford’s heralded signal caller Andrew Luck. Scouts say that Luck, who occasionally rocks a caveman-esque beard, is in the Peyton Manning mold. He throws a tight ball, has shown excellent footwork in and away from the pocket, he’s a big boy (6’4, 235) he’s a smart dude (valedictorian at his high school), played in a pro-style offense at Stanford, and posted crazy good stats last season at Stanford (71% completion rate, 32 TDs vs 8 picks).

I think all of that is fair. Andrew Luck will probably be a good NFL quarterback. I just want to talk about someone who is flying under the radar- Kellen Moore. While all of the NFL bottom feeders will be drooling over Luck, the loser will have one helluva consolation prize. Here’s why:

If Andy Dalton can be a week one starter for the Bengals, why can’t Moore? In their head to head match ups in college, Moore defeated Dalton despite TCU’s almighty defense. Moore has also shown incredible accuracy during his tenure at Boise State, connecting with blue-laden receivers 71.3% of the time in ’10. Critics claim that he doesn’t have a cannon for an arm, but to me, that shouldn’t scare anybody away. People said that Tom Brady wouldn’t be able to throw the long ball in the pros, yet look where he is now?

Kellen is 39-2 as a collegiate starter, he needs seven more wins to eclipse Colt McCoy’s record for most wins in NCAA history. Moore has had the luxury of playing weaker teams in the WAC conference, sure. But lest you forget his performances in the Pionsietta, Fiesta, and Maaco Bowls.

Moore is off to a terrific start in his senior season. He tossed 3 touchdowns on 28-34 against #19 Georgia on Saturday. If this trend continues? He’s a Heisman trophy winner. The Broncos don’t exactly have a murders row of competition in front of them, and an undefeated season looms in the future. If Moore and Co. run the table, and Moore wins the Heisman, why isn’t he the consensus 2012 NFL draft #1 pick? Because he is only 6’1? Because he is a lefty without a cannon? Please, if he picks apart Oklahoma in the January BCS championship, his arm will be plenty strong.

Hopefully I’m not the only one who believes in the Broncos QB. Remember, 49ers, if you lose the Andrew Luck sweepstakes, it may be a blessing in disguise.

Here’s to a thrilling 2011 college football season!! Cheers!