Quarterback- Matt Ryan

Running Back 1-Ahmad Bradshaw

Running Back 2-Knowshon Moreno

RB/WR-Hakeem Nicks

Wide Receiver 1-Andre Johnson

Wide Receiver 2-Calvin Johnson

Tight End- Dallas Clark

Defense/Special Teams- New York Giants

Bench: Ryan Mathews, AJ Green, Brandon Jacobs, Santana Moss, Ryan Torain, Austin Collie, Tony Moeki

As you may see, my draft strategy was simple: load up on stud receivers and let the rest of my roster fall into place. I had my eyes on Larry Fitzgerald, but the asking price (this was an auction draft) proved to be too steep for me. I had my eyes on Bradshaw, Moreno, and Mathews from the beginning, I think they all qualify as B+ running backs who are serviceable fantasy starters. If the likes of Brandon Jacobs (whom I handcuffed to Bradshaw), Mike Tolbert, and Willis McGahee don’t vulture too many goal line carries, I should be set. Matt Ryan is going to be good, not great. I drafted Matt Schaub and quickly dealt him for Dallas Clark. My bench, besides Mathews, is fairly shallow, considering I am relying on a rookie, a Redskin, and a concussion-waiting-to-happen to produce when my stud wideouts have bye weeks.

Difference Makers win fantasy leagues, and I feel like I have three difference makers in my starting lineup and many fine complimentary pieces.

Like my team? Hate my team? Please let me know in the comment section below!