The coolest Larry in sports has been signed to a monster contract. According to, the deal is worth 8 years and a handsome $120 million. It’s fair to say that Mr. Fitzgerald won’t struggle to pay the rent anytime soon.

If anyone deserves a humongous contract, it’s Fitz. He hauled in ninety passes for over 1,000 yards last season with Max Hall and Derek Anderson tossing him the pigskin. If that doesn’t deserve kudos, then I don’t know what does. Also, Fitzgerald is one of the nicest guys on the football field. During his press conference, in which he announced the details of his contract, Larry said many things that stuck with me. The first was when he conceded that talking about the business end of football made him “uncomfortable” because he has loved the game and been passionate about it since he was “seven years old”. I like that. Being paid ludicrous amounts of money to play a game should make you feel queasy. Trust me, Larry is the type of guy that would do it for free. The Cardinals star receiver also was gracious enough to thank Arizona management for getting a deal done on time saying that “I am so fortunate… I just want to repay (ownership) with great effort and winning”. If he is a man of his word, the Cardinals should feel very good about their future.

Allow me to take you back to the 2008 NFL playoffs. This is when Larry Fitzgerald took the crown of “greatest receiver” and possibly “greatest athlete alive” and led Arizona to a Superbowl trip. #11 set the world on fire, catching 30 passes, seven of them for pay dirt, for 546 yards. Entering the 2009 season, it was fairly obvious that Fitzgerald was the best pass catcher on earth. What happened? Kurt Warner retired. Derek Anderson took the helm. Anderson went down to injury, and rookies John Skelton and Max Hall had to step up.

Did we hear one peep out of Fitz? Never. He kept doin’ his thing, making spectacular catches on poorly thrown balls. In 2011, Kevin Kolb comes to the city in which approximately 85% of the girls are gorgeous. Kolb is looking to redeem himself after being pushed out of a job by Mike Vick, and if there is one person who will benefit greatly from Kolb, it is Larry Fitzgerald. Mark my words, you gotta have him on your fantasy roster. Expect 100 catches, 1,400 yards, and 13 TD’s from the 6’3, 220 pound freak.

As for the Cardinals? That’s $120 million well spent.