Good afternoon, bloggers and bloggettes!

Allow me to introduce myself as Adam Gray, your sports authority and opinionated blog author. At home, Adam has a lot of friends, enjoys going to the movies, golfing, spending time with his family, and doing normal teenage things. His alter ego, graysportsguy, knows only one thing: sports chatter!

Reading this blog should bring you to a whole new level of sports fandom. Graysportsguy never sleeps, he instead indulges upon Sportscenter,, Mike and Mike in the Morning, or his Fantasy Football team. Graysportsguy has NO shame! He will go to unthinkable places to provide you with entertaining, thoughtful, and accurate sports analysis.

It is time for me to write my very first blog. To be honest, I’ve got the jitters. What if I misspell “Aroldis Chapman”, or forget to put a comma to show possession? What if I publish a run on sentence? Will my readers mass exodus if I predict that Knowshon Moreno will surpass 300 carries this season, and he, in fact, does not?

Alas, the life of an amateur sports blogger.

So carry on! Click on a link that catches your eye or tickles your fancy. I promise you won’t be disappointed.